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endless tread tractorendless tread tractor

Width 14"
Weight 150 lbs.
84 square inches of continuous action
Indepently suspened traction element with knee action,eliminating obstacle block
Self cleaning rubber cleats for maximum traction in any type soil
Expertly balanced for instant directional control
Specially designed for close cultivation
Semi-automatic depth control for cultivating tools
Flexible,lightweight construction for maximum performance and ease of handling
Simplicity of construction elminates expensive maintenance-no special tools needed

endless tread tractorendless tread tractor

endless tread tractorendless tread tractor

Equipment for Endless Tread Tractor
endless tread tractor

Sketch Showing The Modern Plant Of The Endless Tread Tractor Corporation
Endless Tread Tractor,Corporation,P.O. Box 807,Cumberland,MD.

endless tread tractor


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